Syllabus Schedule

  Weekly Schedule  
Date Assignment Due In Class
Week 1    
Monday, 1/27   Introduction to the course

Syllabus Review

Student Survey

Getting to know each other

Navigating the online class


Wednesday, 1/29 Introduction to Professional Communication



Read Ch. 1, Professional Communications pp. 6-16

Topic brainstorming for memo



Introduction to Formal Letter Writing

-Different types of professional communication and their audience

-informal communication



Start thinking about issues on campus or in your community that would be a good topic to address in a Memo

Week 2    
Monday, 2/3 Assignment 1: Letter of Introduction to instructor due on BB before midnight (upload assignment to in-class folder)

-Read Ch. 5, Citations and Plagiarism pp. 66-70



-self-reflection on letter of introduction


-APA: Paraphrasing and citations

-Organizing a Memo


Wednesday, 2/5 Library session (meet in Cohen Library-Rm STC3)

Read: “The Veldt” and

“There Will Come Soft Rains” by Ray Bradbury. Group Discussion on BB due.

What comparisons can be made to today? What is the overriding theme?

Using the CCNY database for research


Week 3    
Monday, 2/10 Bring in 3 copies of the draft for your Memo. Post a copy to BB.

-Read ch. 2: Audience Analysis

-Brainstorm technical description topics.


-peer review the memo

What is the purpose of your communication?

Who is your audience?

Adapting your writing to meet your audience needs


Wednesday, 2/12 College Closed  
Week 4    





Wednesday, 2/19 Library Session


-Assignment 2: Final Memo due on BB before midnight

Academic Commons

-Creating a website

-Review sample websites on BB

-navigating the online class


Week 5    
Monday, 2/24 -Read Ch. 9: Ethics in Technical Writing pp. 104-116

-Bring in your peer reviews for your memo assignment (stapled)

-View the Technical Description slideshow

Technical Description workshop

-self-reflection on Memo

-review research papers


Wednesday, 2/26 Online Technical paper


Week 6    
Monday, 3/2 -Read Ch. 8, Creating and Integrating Graphics, pp. 92-100


-Bring your prewriting, your primary and secondary sources, and your pictures for the technical description


 -Organization of the paper


Wednesday, 3/4




Technical Paper


Week 7    
Monday, 3/9 Bring a draft of the technical assignment for peer-review


Content writing (flash fiction)
Wednesday, 3/11





Technical Paper





Week 8    
Monday, 3/16   IMRAD: Introduction to the lab report, a form of communication



Wednesday, 3/18




Rhetorical Analysis introduction
Week 9    
Monday, 3/23 Access the CCNY database and download an original research paper. Email to instructor




Taking a closer look at IMRAD in original research


-Abstract (structured vs. unstructured)

-ethos, pathos, logos



Wednesday, 3/25




Final Technical Description due on BB before midnight.


Original Research cont’d

Possible limitations and applications

Discussions and Conclusions


Week 10    
Monday, 3/30 Read Ch. 3, Proposals

topic brainstorm for group project

Personality test and Group Dynamics

(see online notes and instructions)


Group workshop

Elements of the proposal

Writing a proposal outline

Organizing the group, playing to strengths of individuals


Wednesday, 4/1



Last Day to Withdraw from a course with a grade of “W”

Group workshop


Week 11    
Monday, 4/6  

-Read Ch. 13. Communicating across Cultures, pp. 210-216


Elements of the proposal

-What do they communicate?

-persuasive arguments

-incorporation of the technical description

Group workshop

Tuesday, 4/7 (follows a Wednesday schedule)


Topic suggestions and supporting sources (see online notes and instructions)

-peer review draft of Rhetorical Analysis due. Post to BB before midnight

Narrowing the topic for the group proposal

Group Workshop

April 8 – 10 SPRING BREAK  
Week 12    
Monday, 4/20 Read Ch. 11: Basic Design and Readability in Publications pp. 144-170

-project agenda



Self-reflection for rhetorical report

Preparing the slides for an effective presentation

PowerPoint examples

Group Workshop

Wednesday, 4/22



Final Rhetorical Analysis due before midnight on BB



Group project

Week 13    
Monday, 4/27 Library (Computer lab)

Project agenda

-peer review

Making oral presentations: the dos and don’ts

Sample YouTube presentation

Group workshop

Wednesday, 4/29 ONLINE Group work
Week 14    
Monday, 5/4 -Finalizing your proposal

 Proposal 1st draft. Work on proposals in lab. Draft due on Bb before midnight

group work

peer -review

Wednesday, 5/6


discussion on team presentations (see online notes and instructions)

Bring a final agenda for what still needs to be completed.

Prepare questions for final projects

Main elements for a successful presentation

Guidelines for good team presentations

Group workshops


Week 15    
Monday, 5/11 Group Presentations Finalizing the presentations and proposals
Wednesday, 5/13 LAST DAY OF CLASS

Group Presentations

Final Project Due (upload to BB)

Group work

NOTE: This syllabus is subject to change throughout the semester.  Any changes made to assignments, due dates, etc. will be communicated through Blackboard and in class.